Flat Rates vs. Hourly Rates


Flat Rate:

➟ By charging a flat-rate the client is happy to know the final total of the project. ➟ Your only worry now is about the project, as you do not have to worry about keeping track of the billed hours or the time. ➟ There is clarity between us and the client, as the client knows about the cost of the project right from the start. Hourly Rate:

➟ Clients may doubt the number of hours the movers bill them for. ➟ There is no guarantee of a minimum amount of payment for a certain project. It is tough to know what the final payment for a project will be and how much it will cost the client. ➟ Keeping track of the working hours can be a tedious process, and you have to be very meticulous and consistent with it. ➟ The rates are based on the number of hours, rather than the value the movers provide to the client. ➟ Clients expect the hourly-rates to be cheaper than what the movers may quote.

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