Top Moving Tips



1 DIY Box Handles Make picking up and lifting heavy boxes a little easier by cutting handholds in two sides of the box with a utility knife! Leave the top flaps of your triangular cut-outs attached and simply fold them in. 2 Padding & Space Fillers With Soft Items Place stuffed animals, pillows, sheets, blankets, and other soft items in trash bags and use them as padding next to fragile items in the moving truck. It also helps fill up irregular empty space in the truck so your belongings won’t shift around during the move. 3 Defrost Your Refrigerator Plan ahead! Don’t forget to defrost, towel dry, and clean your refrigerator 24-48 hours before moving day. This will help prevent a stinky, wet mess. 4 Masking Tape On Mirrors Use masking tape to place a large X on your mirrors and glass frames. It won’t prevent it from breaking, but it will absorb shock and keep the glass in the frame in the case that it is dropped or shuffled in the moving truck. 5 Take A Photo of Your Cords Before you disconnect them to be boxed up, take a quick snapshot of the cords on the back of your television and other electronics so that you can remember where they all go! My husband would probably think this was silly, but I’m cord impaired. I’d rather never watch TV again than try to actually hook it up. 6 Pack A First-Night Box Chances are, you’re not going to be able to unpack and organize your new home the day of the move. Pack a labeled box with all of your first-night essentials and load it last so it’s the first thing off the truck. Better yet; keep it in your personal vehicle. 7 Safely Pack & Move Plates Because foam plates are already in the shape of a plate, it makes perfect sense to use them to protect your delicate glass and ceramic plates. Place one in-between each place to prevent them from chipping or breaking. 8 Plastic Wrap Is Your Friend Use plastic wrap to keep items in their place! No sense in emptying your drawers or silverware tray when you can use plastic wrap to keep drawers shut or smaller items in their intended container. 9 Double Up On Fitted Sheets If you’re like me, you have a closet somewhere in your house with old sheets and blankets. Use those fitted sheets to protect your mattresses on moving day! Put one on just like normal, and then place another on the bottom for complete coverage. This will keep dirt and debris off of your mattresses in the moving process. 10 Use Storage Bins For Seasonal Items If you don’t already have your seasonal items stored in plastic bins, invest in them now! Pack all of that stuff up that you only use but once a year in bins, and you’ll be able to easily identify what needs to be stored in the attic or garage come moving day. 11 Utilize Everything! Think outside of the box! Use your pot holders to safely hold knives, store socks inside of shoes and boots, use the inside of your washer and dryer for storage — anything you can think of to fill up empty space. This will save much needed room on the truck. 12 Color Code With Tape While we are on the subject of color coding, duct tape these days comes in just about every color and pattern. Invest in a few rolls and use them to identify your rooms or contents. 13 Use Towels To Protect Boxed Items Wrap your delicate kitchen items in towels and hand towels for extra protection. You can also use them to fill up extra space in a box to prevent the items from shifting and potentially breaking. 14 Have A Sense Of Humor Relax! You’ll get there eventually. Moving day is probably the easiest excuse to get frustrated and tell your husband what an idiot he is. Remind yourself before the day starts that everything will be ok. Just remember to be the person walking forward.

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