We charge Flat Rates for every move because we want you to know what your final price will be before the day of your move; and of course, we don’t have any extra charges or additional fees. We go over all the details of your move well before the day arrives. Here's how we do it:




Inventory   We take an inventory of all your belongings being moved—working with you over the phone or on-site to get all relevant details. At the end of the process, you will receive your customized move plan outlining all of the details of your move.



Building Conditions   We troubleshoot conditions of the move: stairs, doorways, hallways, distance, and special requirements or restrictions.



Distance   We take the mileage into account when planning your move.



Special Requirements   With our experience, we know which items require disassembly to fit through doorways, hallways, or elevators. We also look at special handling of items that are oddly shaped, fragile, or might benefit from multiple layers of protection. 



Insurance   We'll walk you through the options. If you choose coverage that goes beyond what we offer for free, we'll include it in your calculations.






Whats included?

Taxes & Insurance

Dollies, Wraps, & Pads

Gas & the Truck

Assembly Tools