Royal Movers is the one of the best Moving Companies in South Florida. We provide fast, careful and satisfying service for our customers for more then 6 years.

Our prices are unbeaten and our Trained and Experienced Movers are the best in the business. We offer short and long distance moving, packaging services, packaging supplies, office moving, commercial moving and many more.


  • We can fulfill any kind of Moving need that you might have.

  • We are a licensed and insured Moving Company, which means less stress and headaches for you.

  • We are very Customer Service Oriented Moving Company.

As part of our consistent Customer Service improvement we provide free services like calling you to remind about the scheduled move and following up with a short survey to make sure you’re completely satisfied at the end of your Move.

Yes, that is who we are, a One Stop Shop for all of your Moving need.

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